The story of “Momentum”


The 4th of July brings on a lot of nostalgic and patriot feelings. I would like to share the story of my painting entitled “Momentum.” All of my imagery begins first behind the lens. I am an avid nature photographer. I love water, big sky and marshes. On a trip to historic St. Augustine I fell in love with a 41′ wooden sail boat called “Momentum.” I imagined all of it’s journeys sailing the seas, life at sea seemed so romantic and full of adventure. I had never painted a boat before, certainly challenged by all of the rigging and complicated architecture. The word momentum resonated with me and became a personal mantra, to just keep moving forward in life, in work and through hard times. The end result is a 4′ x 7′ original work in oil. The feeling you get when you are standing in front of it, I want to hop on and sail away. As an artist, you hope to connect with people through your art. I recently met A kind and southern gentleman who came to my side when I needed to have AC in my studio. Roscoe, saw this painting, and he too fell in love with it. He has been a sailor all his life, raised in the glorious coastal town of Charleston and now has a second home in Edisto Island, SC. This painting now belongs to him and it will proudly overlook the marina and my beloved marshes. We made a trade that day he came to my studio, AC for art. I am forever grateful to have met Roscoe who has become a dear friend. It is such an amazing feeling when my art finds the right person. Sometimes finding your “Momentum” just takes a while. XoM