Teaching Arts Outreach


I had a wonderful opportunity to create a successful art making session with this dynamic group of elderly women in Maitland. A unique experience to create a seven week curriculum designed specifically to meet the needs and interests of this special demographic and to work closely within my local community. “Making Art and Making a Difference,” is something I believe in and practice in my work and the services I provide.


What Is A Teaching Artist?

“A teaching artist is a practicing professional artist with the complementary skills and sensibilities of an educator, who engages people in learning experiences in, through, and about the arts.”
Eric Booth
A teaching artist, by definition, is a two-career professional: a working artist and a working educator. As a working artist is they are involved in an ongoing process of discovery, problem solving, discipline and refinement of skills in their discipline. As a working educator, it is essential that the artist is also developing a knowledge base and skills to be an effective partner in education. Achieving a meaningful balance between these two professions, whereby one feeds the other, is an ongoing process that requires a deepening awareness for the teaching artist of what their teaching brings to their art and what their art teaches them about learning.

Teaching artists are a crucial resource for the future of arts education, the arts in general, and the overall process of learning. The role of the teaching artist is an integral part of the overarching arts education constellation, which includes:

  • short and long-term school and after-school residencies
  • arts experiences, including in-school performances by professional artists, as well as field trips to studios, galleries, museums, and performances.
  • integrating the arts throughout the curriculum as a way of engaging all types of intelligence’s in the learning process.
  • arts education standards backed up by ongoing curriculum-based arts instruction in pre-K-12.
  • discipline-specific learning in the arts: visual art, dance, theater, music, poetry, etc.
  • higher education and on-going development for the professional artist, as well as the professional artist who is also a teaching artist.
  • lifelong learning in the arts through community arts events, classes and workshops.

Successful teaching artists help provide a tangible link between the creative process and all kinds of learning, and they make manifest in classroom and community settings the human drive to survive by making meaning of the world.

Beta Center Atlantic Center Kids Valencia Orlando Philharmonic

February 24, 2014  Community Outreach Program working with teens. So proud of this young and diverse group from Howard Middle School.

February 27, 2014    As a newly appointed Certified Teaching Artist, I was invited to attended an early morning appreciation breakfast at the Maitland Sheraton, in honor of all Orange County Public School Principals. Thank you all for keeping arts alive and vibrant in our community and making a chance for change through arts education.

Martha has worked with kids of all ages through the years at various community art centers such as Harris House at Atlantic Center for the Arts http://www.atlanticcenterforthearts.org/, Orlando Art Museum Kids Camp, Valencia Community College Adjunct Illustration teacher for eight years and has now partnered with the Orlando Repertory Theatre through the Orange County Public Schools Partner in Education Program.

Martha created “Art Soup – Artist Collective”, “The Brown Bag Project”and “The Valencia Project” as community outreach programs through Martha Lent Designs, LLC and has brought several installation projects to fruition through the City of Orlando.